home air conditioner repair or replacement

How to tell if you need home air conditioner repair or replacement

The condition and efficiency of the HVAC system in a home is a very important determinant of whether the house will be comfortable to live in or not. When the system is in the right working order, the house will have the right temperature and clean germ free air at all times. On the other hand, poor HVAC systems are the start point of cold spots, freezing houses and stuffiness. Here are a few things that should tell you that you need home air conditioner repair or replacement.

Strange noises

Normally, the HVAC system operates with a soft hum. However, when the system starts producing a hissing sound or a strange screeching sound, a part of the system probably has a problem that needs either repair or replacement. In order to rule whether to repair or replace, you call on us for an inspection and diagnostic tests. This will help us figure out whether you need to have repairs done, and when the system is beyond repair, replacement.

When the energy bill goes up

As the HVAC systems age, they become less efficient. This means that they will take up to twice the length of time they used to take to regulate the temperatures. When they are running twice as long, they are using double the amount of energy as they did originally. This leads to the increase in the energy bill. While it is true that repairs do raise the efficiency of the units, there is a certain point beyond which the systems will not improve their operation efficiency regardless of the amount of repairs. If the system has reached this point, replacing it is the best option.

When there are persistent cold spots in the house

Cold spots are an indication that the system you have is not working as efficiently as it is supposed to when it comes to temperature regulation. A problem that is similar to cold spots is the house being cooler than the thermostat temperature or warmer than the set temperature in the summer. Sometimes, we rectify these problems with as simple as a repair to the thermostat. However, when the problem is more complicated than a failed thermostat, the cause will be investigated and fixed accordingly.

Stuffiness and repeated ENT infections

The HVAC system is supposed to clear the air of pollen, dust, spores and every other allergenic material in the home. When the system is inefficient, the said dirt will accumulate in the indoor air and people living within will start suffering from allergic reactions that result from breathing in these contaminants. Therefore, if you or your family members have noticed a trend of endless allergic reactions, it is time to think about replacement of the systems.

In addition to these services, we the Festus MO air conditioner repair experts make sure that we offer follow up services to ensure the health of your system is maintained.

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